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Are you looking to increase your media presence, influence policy makers, or improve your digital impact? I can help.


With years of experience in strategic communications and media relations, public affairs, and social media, I can help you refine your message to more effectively reach your print and digital audiences and influence key opinion leaders.


Contact me to find out how I can best help you meet your communications needs.

Strategic Communications & Media Relations

Need compelling, engaging content that will draw in reporters and supporters and generate attention and coverage of your work/organization? I provide the following services: 


Public Relations & Earned Media

I draft and pitch stories and book interviews with local and national media outlets to help you increase your coverage.


Message Development

I refine your message to make it persuasive and can assist you in developing messaging papers, talking points, and other critical internal and external documents. 


Content Creation

Using my skills as a writer and storyteller, I craft a wide array of content types to suit your needs, including press releases, direct mail/fundraising appeals, educational materials, and much more.


Media Training

I provide hands-on training, in person or virtually, to help you refine your message, create a compelling storyline for interviews, prepare for any question that might be asked, and draft responses for "hard questions." 


Public Affairs

Trying to reach policy makers to effect meaningful change? I provide the following services: 


Issue Campaigns

Leveraging my years as a lobbyist and advocate, I develop campaigns that move people to act, garner the support of influencers, and utilize print and digital communication channels to advance your cause or issue and influence public opinion. 


Lobby Day Organization

I organize a successful lobby day for your organization or issue that includes high-level meetings with key legislators and their staff, and garners press coverage. 


Content Development

I draft legislative testimony, petitions, fact sheets, and the critical engagement materials necessary for executing effective campaigns. 


Digital & Social Media​

Looking to harness the power of digital media to grow your supporter base? I provide the following services: 

Social Media Audit and Planning

I examine your current social media engagement and help you develop a strategy to take your presence to the next level by expanding your reach and using different platforms and tools to interact with new followers and supporters.


Content Development

I draft compelling social media content that reaches the right people and continually draws in new followers to your accounts.


Social Media Analytics

I use tools to analyze how your social media content and profiles are performing and help you execute a plan to improve performance.


I turn your blog (or create a new one) into an engaging  information portal by drafting compelling content that not only educates readers but encourages them to get involved.


Email me at to learn more about how I can help your organization grow its communications presence.

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